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Unique Health School

About us

Alice and her husband, Leo Kun, founded Unique Health School in October 2019. With a passion for health since growing up in West Africa, Alice knew it was only a matter of time and resources before she pursued a career in the medical field. 

Born and raised by her parents in West Africa, Liberia, Alice has always been driven to succeed and wanted to be a gynecologist. However, putting her medical career pursuit on hold for more ideal educational options, she started her first degree in business management at the university of Liberia. Shortly after she found out that she had to travel to Ghana, West Africa with her now husband Leo Kun. She moved to Ghana where she lived for 5 years completing l’at flair international catering school.

Leo sought more for his family and moved to the United States. Once settled, he brought Alice and their son to the U.S to join him, and it was here that Alice saw the potential to pursue a medical career.  Knowing she would have to start over, she would and continues to relentlessly pursue nursing. To support her family and supplement her career aspirations, Alice began medical schooling while also working as a cosmetologist.

Starting as a  Medical Assistant and now obtaining her degree as a Nurse Practitioner (NP) from Purdue University, Alice is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) from Standard Health College, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Stratford University, and has a BS degree in Healthcare Administration from The University of Phoenix. 

Upon completion of her LPN in 2014 and solely focusing on medicine, Alice, Leo and Albert started their own Home Health Agency seeing a need for more individualized and compassionate care for patients in need of medical assistance. From there, the idea to start a school sparked Alice and Leo to begin researching best practices and resources to open a school dedicated to teaching and certifying CNA’s. After a year and a half of actively seeking approval from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia and the Virginia Board of Nursing- Alice and Leo were able to open UHS in October 2019. However, they didn’t stop at just their CNA Program and added the Medication Aide Program which gives students an edge for better patient care and job prospects and will soon be launching their LPN program. 

Working towards the next advancements in health care and keeping up with medical industry needs, UHS is truly Unique in that it will always put compassion for patients first. Alice loves to teach because she has first-hand experience as a CNA and continues to care for patients when she isn’t teaching. 

Anyone can study to be a nurse, but without passion, that nurse can lack care and suffer from compassion fatigue. Alice and Leo’s mission is to have passionate staff who will teach and mentor their students on the importance of patient care. Through this model, they know their students will provide excellent healthcare to the community and kindness as if the patient were their own family member. 

Celebrating more than 20 years of marriage, Alice and Leo have plans to expand UHS throughout Virginia and into Minnesota someday. They currently reside in Virginia with their 3 children. Outside of UHS, Alice also volunteers for The American Heart Association teaching CPR for more than 5 years, and will soon have her degree as a Nurse Practitioner come February 2021.

Learn From the Best!

Ready to start teaching CNAs? You came to the right place. We offer an engaging 8-hour course that prepares participants to train top-notch CNAs while earning CEU credits!

Our Train the CNA Trainer course offers flexibility in our current COVID world. Our ANCC accredited course is approved for online or in-person learning. Participants in our course will learn…